2B Distribution

Corporate brand identity for a distribution network startup

I was approached in late 2020 to create a corporate identity for a Distribution and fulfilment company set up in the wake of Brexit.

Numerous concepts were delivered to the client — all but one of them based around the idea of networking.

Naturally that was the one that the client chose, an abstract idea with a purely typographic solution.

I am not saying that the client chose the wrong logo. I am just pointing out that the design process is often secondary to the simple application of aesthetics.

A logo may be conceptually brilliant. However, if the client doesn't like it on a purely visceral level, then you have little to no chance of getting it approved.

Eventually we settled on a mark which worked well in isolation as well as alongside its logotype.

As part of the process I also produced a design for their business cards and a series of word templates for letterheads, reports, invoices, etc...