Corporate branding project for disposable phone chargers

In 2018 an existing client came to me with a 2-stage project. They had a product which required branding and then they needed designs for co-branding both the product itself and it's packaging.

The item in question was single use charger for devices (iPad or Android). The charger would provide a couple of hours standby and up to 30 minutes of use for an average smartphone. It was initially designed for emergency use but had become popular with travellers and festival goers as a backup to whatever other power sources they would have available.

My client intended to purchase thousands of these — create a brand for them and then co-brand them with football teams for sale in stadium shops and online.

The first designs were produced for Chelsea FC and Bayern Munich.

I came up with the name Power Strike as a play on the fact that this charger was single use (lightning never strikes twice). The logo was created by integrating a standard power symbol into the lower case i of the word strike.

I used the font Teko as a basis for the Logo. The sharp, angular nature of the font seemed appropriate for a charger. I also found it useful for the packaging as it manages to be condensed yet readable at smaller sizes. The branding colour was either white or would adapt the main colour of the Footballs Clubs logo.