Rookie Season

Promotional website for an upcoming motor racing documentary

I was approached in January to create a small bespoke site to promote Rookie Season – an upcoming documentary by independent filmmaker Adrian Bonvento – about the intense emotional effect that motor racing has on its participants.

The main focus of the site would be the trailer for the movie. Additional content would include bios and information about sponsors.

The job went from commission to sign off in less than three days. As a result the design and development were done simultaneously, which would normally be a terrible idea.

In this case, however, we were helped by the fact that all of the assets: video; logos; various graphics and typography were already in place.

In many ways this was like working on a project with established corporate guidelines you need to be create but within established limits.

The most interesting part of the job from a design and coding perspective was the opening screen of the site, which incorporated HTML5 video as a full background. This raised an interesting design issue. The video would be responsive and display in full on both portrait and landscape screens.

On my advice the film makers created an edit where all of the focus of the background video was dead centre in the screen. There was also the issue of the length of the clip. Too short and it becomes repetitive, too long and it creates a bandwidth issue. Eventually after some experimentation we settled on a clip of roughly 25 seconds.