Worlds End Chelsea

Poster and email invite for the opening a local charity's new hub

I have been on the partnership of the The Worlds End and Lots Road Big Local (WELR) since it's inception five years ago.

In 2017 they moved into a brand new hub/community centre just off the Piazza in the Worlds End Chelsea.

They wanted a poster to advertise and commemorate the event as it was a significant step on their way to becoming a central part of community life.

I wanted to use a single, simple image to signify this change. I created an illustration of a tree, including the roots to signify the charity's growing engagement with the roots of the community.

This allowed me to create the entire image as flat colours, using the palette from the charity's logo.

I also liked the idea of the bottom being a reversed out panel.

Once the poster was signed off I created an HTML email with the same graphic to use as an invite to the opening ceremony.